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nxpuipfhz 09.07.2014

Soon, a pot of fragrant and thick carrot rabbit t like that attracted me the most is the uncle of the shotgun , how I want to feel under way , for just a moment , but can not do so.
Qingming rain last day , inexplicably feel good comfortable, feel God finally did a timely matter, God did not forget anyone . But the family grave in the day, I see more and weekdays is no different atmosphere , together , eat, trivial conversation, even for the dead people together , to talk about the topic still living, still life issues facing the contradictions that exist in life . Poem: Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have, pedestrians Deep Sorrow , perhaps people on the street might just continue daily life, but the rain makes it a different atmosphere .
Leave the South, continue to pack stray , do not know my wandering heart will be placed where ? The way of life , who is my finger landed aircraft ? Tonight monthly child curved, sparkling stars .